Friends for life

Our philosophy is that every dog is special and that every dog has a special mening for its owner. Sometimes very special.

During Crufts, the annual dog show in Birmingham, the most beautiful dogs of the different dog races are chosen. But there also is the "Friends for life" award for a dog that did something very special. In 2007 the award went to Molly, the dog of the 81 year old Tony Higbed. The old man lost his wife several years ago. Because Mr. Higbed is deaf, he was dependent on his wife to communicate with the outside world. He felt depressed and insecure without her.

Dog Molly is trained to help people with hearing problems. She gave Tony Higbed hope. Molly helps him communicate but above all she is pleasant company. It is a beautiful story because it makes clear that dogs give us company, friendship and pleasure.

Walk ’n Roll dogwalking service treats every dog as a “friend for life”. We offer your dog the best dogwalking service because we know how much your dog means to you and how important dog are for all of us.

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